Voice Dialogue

Consciousness and personal leadership

Voice dialogue is a non-judgmental and safe method to discover different sides (= the selves, sub-persons or energy patterns) of yourself and to make unconscious aspects of your personality visible. Because these subconscious layers have a lot of influence on our lives, working with Voice Dialogue not only gives depth, but also lasting results. Voice Dialogue is playing an increasingly important role within transformational psychology. It is an engaging and practical way to increase your awareness and strengthen your personal leadership.

More about Voice Dialogue... 

'I care too much about others and too little about myself.'


Many themes are suitable for a Voice Dialogue session. Below some returning themes to give you an idea:

'I care too much about others and too little about myself.' 

Inner criticism and/or judging others

Burnout and low energy

Low self-esteem

Perfectionism/controlling too much


Constant worries (for example: about the kids)

The message of your illness

Eating problems and addictions

Inner conflicts / unable to make choices

Raising consciousness (what's really going on here?)

Work-life balance

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) 


The meaning of life



Your archetypes and how to honor them in your life


A voice dialogue session can be done online or in my office in The Hague.


It is recommended to explore major themes or related themes in one or two days. This is possible during an intensive, possibly in combination with (nature) coaching.


I learned a lot about why I eat. 
I always thought dieting would help me to manage my eating patterns, but now I know that creating a space for myself and connecting with myself will do much more than whatever diet can ever do.