Wat is voice dialogue?

Consciousness and personal leadership 

Voice dialogue is a non-judgmental and safe method to discover different sides (= the selves or sub-persons) of yourself and to make unconscious aspects of your personality visible. Because these subconscious layers have a lot of influence on our lives, working with Voice Dialogue not only gives depth, but also more often a lasting result. Voice Dialogue is playing an increasingly important role within transformational psychology. It is an engaging and practical way to increase your awareness and strengthen your personal leadership.


Transformation Psychology

Voice Dialogue was developed in the United States by the psychologist couple Hal and Sidra Stone. They integrated elements of Jungian, humanistic and transformational psychology in this new method, with the aim of helping people to take charge of their lives more consciously and effectively. Voice Dialogue is versatile and works with body and mind, with the energy field, with dreams, archetypes, visualizations and possibly even with 'the soul' and past lives. It is an open method that allows you to reach as far and deep as you and your 'system' allow.

Are you a free person? Really?

You probably think you are the one making decisions in your life, but actually your life is directed by a limited number of 'I's' or sub-personalities within you. This could be, for example, 'the controller', 'the anxious one', 'the pleaser', 'the perfectionist', 'the mother', the adventurer, or 'the inner critic'.

Your identity consists of many selves (also called subpersonalities, voices or energies) each with its own history and motivations. Personal leadership means being in charge of your life and making conscious decisions. Usually, however, it is a number of selves who automatically take the wheel and leave you no freedom of choice. "I'm a perfectionist and have to proofread everything three times," you say. You have identified yourself with this part of yourself and handed over control.
Happiness is freedom. And freedom is... being able to consciously choose who reacts in you!


Voice Dialogue is not something to be learned from a book, but something to experience for yourself.
Even one single session can make a significant difference!



I especially liked the Voice Dialogue sessions. Understanding the different voices that were present in my life helped tremendously to make difficult choices.