Life is a gift.
Allowing yourself to be who you are
and to do what really makes you happy
is the gift to yourself.

Who am I? - What do I really want? - What's stopping me? - Why am I here on earth?

Do you want real transformation in your life and are you willing to work on yourself for a few months? Then coaching is for you!


The coaching programs below are proven trajectories that are always tailor-made because you determine during the intake which coaching goals you want to work on. And as you do that, we descend into the deeper layers - your core. If you peel off the layers, it often turns to questions like: Who am I? (identity | values & beliefs), What do I want with my life? (mission) What's really holding me back? (conscious and unconscious blockages) How do I find the right balance (personal leadership) and Why am I here on earth? (meaning)
Voice dialogue, mindfulness and nature are part of the coaching programs. So that you can experience how powerful these elements are and start using them for yourself - for whatever issue.

'Coaching is not just about achieving goals.

It is also about revealing the magnificence of who you are at your core.'



(life coaching)

Who am I? What is my story? How can I empower myself?

The inner journey Is a life coaching program that brings you in deeper contact with yourself while you work on your 3 most important life goals. The enormous value of this program has already been experienced by many! Choices based on your own life story are authentic and sustainable. 

Outer Journey


(career coaching) 

What do I want with my life? What is my mission?

The outer journey is the best preparation for a career switch, search for a new job, volunteer work or y.our own business. Core talents, core values, challenges, archetypes and mission are part of your personal vision. You will go home with a concrete plan for the next 5-10 years.



(inner + outer journey & more...)



Who am I? What do I want? How can I manifest my calling and build a strong bridge to the future of my dreams?

The journey of the hero is a coaching program that takes approximately 1 year to complete. This requires commitment, creates space for depth and therefore ensures the most lasting results. It involves the Inner Journey, the Outer Journey and you go a little deeper and beyond these programs. We map out your archetypal blueprint and spend some time together while you put your ultimate plan into practice and you are challenged to get the most out of yourself. Do you already know why you are here on earth?

Solo retreat 

An Inner Journey or Outer Journey can also be undertaken in the form of a solo retreat. You stay in a cabin in nature for 7 days. Every day there is a session of approximately 2 hours and the rest of the time you spend on yourself and your process (introspection, walking, writing, creativity). A valuable gift to yourself!

Sessions are a combination of online and onsite (outdoor).

Living abroad? You can book your own cabin and have all sessions online. Staying in a cabin and solitude are important parts of the process.


I have discovered who I really am and what I want to achieve in this life.
This was the best gift of the year.