‘Become who you are.
Do what only you can do.
Be the master and the sculptor of yourself.’

- Friedrich Nietzsche


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We all deserve to be happy, and I consider it my mission to support others in finding their bliss. I would love to help you connect more deeply with your inner voices and guide yourself towards an authentic and inspiring existence. Be brave and take the first step!

Auxilia - Seeds of Happiness

Who are you?
What do you want with your life?
Why are you here on earth?


A deep understanding of your issues.
Personal leadership.


'Forest bathing' as a medicine
in times of stress or uncertainty.
With nature as a mirror.

Less in your head.
More in the here and now.
Without judgment. With self-compassion.


Reconnect -with yourself and others. Create new opportunities &
cultural competence.

(session can be done in English | Spanish | Dutch)

"We search our whole lives for happiness, peace and satisfaction. But if you sow seeds for a lemon plant, you wouldn't expect a mango tree, would you?"

- Khandro Rinpoche, Tibetan Lama