About SOH

Seeds of Happiness is a practice for the 'arts of living'. Because everyone deserves to be happy!

But in some stages of life this is easier said than done...

Every life has periods of stagnation in which you keep going in circles and help is welcome to create clarity and take the right steps. If you are in such a period then you have come to the right place and I cordially invite you to get in touch.

But first I would like to tell you a bit more about myself so that you can 'taste' whether I am the right person for you.


Hello! I am Auxilia Tromp

- founder of Seeds of Happiness 


I grew up in Spain in the 70s. It was a difficult time under dictator Franco and you didn't have to travel far to see real poverty: slums where young children walked barefoot through the garbage. It made a big impression on me. I was in a nun's school and had a great time despite the rigid system. When I was ten I moved to the Netherlands, the country of my parents' birth. My father stayed behind in Spain, loyal to the university where he regarded his students as children. My mother had to raise three children on her own while answering difficult questions why her husband didn't keep his promise to eventually join his family in their country of origin. I felt her pain and wanted nothing more than make her happy. So I did my best in school and tried to be as independent and 'strong' as possible while enjoying a climate of freedom. What a culture change! I first studied economics and international management with the idea of ​​doing something for developing countries, but after graduating I took the wrong turn and ended up in a world where it was all about money. This did not energize me at all so I was obviously in the wrong place.
But then what? Who was I actually deep down? What did I want to do with my life? Was there such a thing as a 'calling' and what was mine?


And so began a period of searching and finding (Archetype The Seeker). Two years abroad and unforgettable memories in other cultures. My love for the jungle and the Himalayas. Studies and deep encounters on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Career changes. But also mourning. A dear friend who committed suicide. A failed marriage. The inner child who wanted to mourn the traumas of the past.

At 30 I hit rock bottom. After a year of traveling around the world I had no money left, no job and my marriage ended abruptly leaving me homeless. But in de midst of chaos I found my core passion for psychology and coaching (Archetypes: Healer and Guide). In retrospect it was the perfect new beginning after so called 'beautiful destruction'.

After that, life started to flow better. With new adventures in the form of a new love and 3 children, a stay of 5 years abroad (Bahamas and USA), and starting my own business. My urge to explore expanded to professional fields like Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology, energy work, systemic coaching, nature coaching, mindfulness, Buddhism and Shamanism. And hopefully it's not over yet. I love traveling and learning so much! 


I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. Grateful for my family and friends and for all the awesome countries and nice beautiful people I have had the opportunity to meet. It is my greatest wish that everyone on earth feels loved and can use their talents to lead a fulfilling life and I hope to be able to make a small contribution while guiding others using the knowledge and experience I had the opportunity to gain. So feel welcome to reach out to me and ask a question, whatever it may be.

After all, I got the name Auxilia ('help' in Latin) for a reason :)

foto Auxilia Tromp

Swinging in the Himalayas (Nepal 2020)

Seeds of Happiness - a partner you can trust

I understand that some topics are very sensitive and require courage. I also understand that you are making an investment and are unsure about the result. That is why it's important you know that you can rely on me:

  • Everything we discuss is strictly confidential
  • I promise to be direct and transparent
  • I give you a 'quality guarantee': if you are not satisfied, money back!
  • Helping people and building a better world together is my main motivation.


Auxilia's expertise and knowledge makes her a great professional but it is her warmth, empathy and big heart that make her an excellent coach.