Coaching for expats / internationals  

Moving abroad is the start of a new chapter in your life: an exciting and unpredictable adventure that will lead to many colorful and rich memories that will accompany you till the end of days. It is also a period that demands maximum adaptability and courage. It costs a lot of energy and can be overwhelming.

In the absence of support from family, friends and knowledge of the local culture, it can be a relieve to get some extra support and encouragement from a coach. A coaching program helps to gather the ingredients needed for a happy and inspiring new chapter in life or to take the step towards a new career. A voice dialogue session or outdoor session is an option for specific issues. 

According to research, a change of surroundings is one of the few effective ways to change behavior if you're over 35! Grab the opportunity to rewrite your life script and see this transition as a time to make a significant change. The change you always wanted…. This is no time to be isolated and wait till circumstances change. There are many others in similar positions as you. You may have just been offered a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and to offer your children a unique experience.  


Is Expat Coaching different from regular coaching? 

In any case, each coaching trajectory is unique, with attention to individual issues and coaching goals. In a coaching trajectory for an expat/international, often more attention is paid to issues such as cultural intelligence, loneliness, loss of identity, mourning, relationship problems, unhappy children, situational depression, career switch and courage to step out of the comfort zone. The regular coaching programs will be adapted to your individual needs. A cultural comparison between your country of origin and the new country is also possible. This makes you more aware of the filters that arise from your own cultural background and promotes intercultural competence.


Am I the right coach for you?
I lived abroad for 18 years. Having experienced international life from different perspectives (third culture child, study, working, expat partner) I understand fully what you’re going through. Academic knowledge of International Cultural Management and Expat Psychology also helps to put things into perspective. Most important is that you feel at ease with me. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and wishes. Conversations can be done in English, Spanish or Dutch. 



Auxilia has been very helpful during my fist year abroad! 

Preparing for my 4th posting abroad I felt lost and in need of refinding myself and my life goals. As she has been an expat partner herself, she recognized a lot of my struggles and that made it really easy to talk. 

I worked with Auxilia during a very turbulent life stage: family repatriation after 8,5 years living abroad and an ambitious personal plan for a career change. In hindsight I can say that it was one of the best decisions I took during that year. 



Free coaching for refugees  

Are you a 30+ female refugee in the Netherlands and do you speak Dutch, English or Spanish? Please contact us to inquire about the possibilities for free coaching.