Inner Journey


Who am I? What is my story? How can I empower myself?

The Inner Journey is a life coaching program that brings you in deeper contact with yourself ('who am I') while you work on your most important problems and issues. The enormous value of this program has already been experienced by many! Choices based on your own life story are authentic and sustainable. This program is therefore a logical first step and the foundation of the Outer Journey.




Know yourself well, so you can make the right choices.

An Inner Journey brings you back to your essence. 



A clear identity is the basis of a happy life

Most people are insufficient in touch with themselves. They pursue values and goals that are not their own, but of their parents or the culture in which they grow up. Those who do not know themselves well make suboptimal or even wrong choices. You end up in a job, a marriage or group of friends that does not satisfying you, or you even live a life that doesn't suit you at all. Sooner or later that will lead to stagnation.

Are you ready to let go and build the bridge to a life that really suits you?

If so, I want to invite you to (re)discover yourself. Knowing who you are at the core will help to bring thoughts and feelings in alignment; talents can surface, and it's easier to take the right steps. Steps that lead to a life that gives you more satisfaction. That is self-actualization. What always has been there can now come out.


How the Inner Journey is organized.

The Inner Journey is a 3 month tailor-made program, including 6 individual sessions of 90 minutes.
Before and during our initial meeting you will be invited to take a closer look at yourself and your life and to determine your most important coaching goals: what would you like to have changed about yourself and/or your life by the end of the coaching program? (Think: more self-awareness, insecurity, procrastination, work-life balance or work-related issues, peace of mind, patience, better energy balance, no longer feeling lost, learning to enjoy, knowing what you want in life, less perfectionism and control, etc. ). These issues/problems will form the common thread of your unique trajectory.

We investigate your unique issues from various perspectives. In addition, it can be helpful to do some biographical exercises so that you are more aware of your life themes, patterns and the roots of your current problems. Looking at your own blueprint from a distance helps to understand how you got into the here and now and what you could let go of. Is there a family pattern that is no longer functional? We also look not only at your power sources, but also at your challenges and blind spots. If you spend a lot of time in your head, it is also very useful to examine your 'thinking'. Many of us get bogged down in 'mind reading', black and white thinking or 'doom thinking' and that stands in the way of our self-realization.

We will also have a look at your 'psychological identity'. Are you really leading yourself or are you actually a slave of your 'perfectionist', your 'pleaser', your 'thinker'...? (just to name a few). By mapping your subpersonalities and making contact with the underlying energy, motivations and fears, you become more aware of your own survival mechanisms and you will feel more free to transform them. A Voice Dialogue session helps to not only understand all this, but also to experience it energetically so that you can regain real control over your life and no longer act solely from automatisms. That is the way to become whole and to experience more freedom and happiness.


The program ends with a SMART action plan that will help you work on your most important goals for the coming year. PLUS a 'nutrition plan' to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Understand what is actually needed in your life, and having a clear plan, you will be able to forge your own way forward.



– an answer to your unique coaching question(s)

– more consciousness regarding your unique story and identity:
life themes, survival strategies, family patterns, core talents, pitfalls, challenges, subpersonalities / psychological identity, character structure

- growth in inner leadership
– intercultural competence & understanding of gifts and challenges of expat life
– tools and strategies developed to make those changes you really need and want

- A concrete action plan to keep working on your themes in the period after (3-6 months)

This allows you to make effective decisions and overcome procrastination because you can cut through confusion and overwhelm. All these ingredients will give guidance to develop a steady path in both your private and professional life.


Investment: 1200€ (individuals) / 1575€ (corporate)**. Prices are exclusive of VAT.
** How to finance your coaching?
- For employees: Many companies cover coaching in their development or training budget. Ask your manager, the HR department or look for the conditions in your collective labor agreement online. 

- For expat partners: offering financial assistance has become commonplace in many (international) companies. Ask for a coaching proposal you can send to HRM of your (husbands) company. 

- For entrepreneurs in The Netherlands: you can deduct the cost of coaching as a business expense. 


At that time I was a bit lost, looking for my identity and searching for my goals in life. Auxilia really helped me discover myself again, my passions, my ambitions and gave me some life changing guidelines.